OurOfficePortal™ - Desktop
A one-stop view of your shared calendars, company announcements, telephone numbers of your colleagues and many more on OurOfficePortal™ Desktop!
OurOfficePortal™ - Calendar
This web calendar provides a platform for you to create multiple schedules based on personal, department, and company calendars; and view them in one unified view!
OurOfficePortal™ - Documents
Travel light with OurOfficePortal™ Documents!! Access all your office documents through this web portal!
OurOfficePortal™ - Notes
Not sticky anymore? Illegible handwriting? Store all notes in OurOfficePortal™ Notes! You could also send the memo and sticky anyone in your organization and keep a copy for reference as well!
OurOfficePortal™ - Tasks
Reduce your backlogs with OurOfficePortal™ Tasks! Put the list of your tasks on the portal’s desktop for a one-look reference.
OurOfficePortal™ - Contacts
Do you have mountains of name cards to manage? How about a simple CRM tool for contacts organizing and sharing? OurOfficePortal™ Contacts allow you to send eCards too!
OurOfficePortal™ - Handbooks
Manage your knowledge database here! Create Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) manuals, guide books, or any other knowledge there to store, share and reference!
OurOfficePortal™ - Links
Your favourite business links can now go wherever you are, even without your desktop or laptop!
OurOfficePortal™ - Company
Paperless mini Human Resource Management (HRM) with OurOfficePortal™ Company! You can post all company announcements and carry out all portal administration functions here!