FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need an office portal?
Office efficiency is the backbone of organization profitability and an office portal attempt to enhance the fluidity of work functions and operations.

Depending on what you need and put in the office portal, it could provide you with different functionalities, but the basis of it all remains the same; convenience.

Some uses and advantages of OurOfficePortal™:
i.An easy-to-use platform for everyone in your office to communicate and share
ii.Store, Organized, update and access information in one centralized location
iii.Organize information in a centralized location for easy search and retrieval
iv.Access your information anywhere 24/7 with internet connection

Why choose OurOfficePortal™?
OurOfficePortal™ is a suite of web-based office application functions that is designed to improve office internal productivity of which ultimately saves costs and increase revenue. It is designed to help you and your coworkers to utilize technology as efficiently as possible – thus doing more while controlling your time and focusing on core tasks.

Why would you want OurOfficePortal™?
OurOfficePortal™ is not to replace your main workflows or catered for any specialized functions. It help to connect everyone in the office with functions that allows your team to work more seamlessly; so that the smallest task that causes the largest inconvenience won't spoil your day!

Why is OOP-FREE free? Any catch?
Many companies, big and small, need a simple platform to perform many small tasks every day and could not find any effective ways to do them without hassle. So we built OurOfficePortal™ to benefit any company that wishes to work more fluidly in the office.

However, we didn't believe that anyone would pay for something that is not proven. So we offer OOP-FREE, to prove that it works. If you like it, you can buy it and put it on your server. If the free version is good enough for you, we are grateful all the same because you like what we design.

OOP-FREE package is absolutely free without any hidden charges. It comes AS-IS, you use AS-IS, no obligations, no charges. Just use it!

Can OurOfficePortal™ works for my office?
OurOfficePortal™ is relevant to all business for the following reasons:

i.OurOfficePortal™ as a complement to your existing infrastructure. Some companies might have already spent thousands of dollars in an office intranet with various applications and functions needed for everyday operations. OurOfficePortal™ is built to complement the existing infrastructure you already have; to perform simple tasks like share files quickly, check your personal, department and company calendar in one glance.
ii.OurOfficePortal™ as your head-start in leveraging I.T. for better office efficiency. It maybe expensive to build an enterprise intranet portal and many businesses urgently needs a simple yet effective centralized platform to organize and share office resources. OurOfficePortal™ is that solution to help head-start for you to being leveraging on I.T for better office workflow fluidity.

Over 80% of businesses that we serve do not utilize the latest technology. In fact we found that most clients are totally unaware of what an office portal can do for their business, their people and their bottom-lines. The truth is most good portal systems are actually not well-designed for business, unfriendly to use and expensive to maintain!

We believe that software should be designed in the following fundamentals: -

i.Easy-to-use, in the most logical ways
iii.Entice-to-use, everybody loves pretty tools and toys, software should be effective yet pretty too!

We have been around for years and yes, we are very small players building outstanding business software solutions for our clients.

We couldn’t say more than to invite you to signup and see for yourself!