We are Invited!

The creators of OurOfficePortal™ are invited to participate in the following event:

SME MakeOver Conference on
04 September 2008!

Noi from Doric Solutions LLP is going to speak about the fundamentals of web office and your beloved OurOfficePortal™.
Come and let’s talk about technology!

What is OurOfficePortal Portal™?

OurOfficePortal™ is Software as a Service (SaaS) Businesses do not need to buy a server and yet have an intranet system running on the web hosted by us.

This not only reduces your capital investment, it also improves your office productivity!
OurOfficePortal™ is Web-based Office Application This is a web-based office portal designed specifically for business offices, especially when you need to move around to more often for business trips now.

You can store, organize, share information, connecting to your office 24/7 anywhere with internet connection!
OurOfficePortal™ is Online Information Storage Office documents, department/company calendars, company announcements, address books, handbooks, policies, SOPs, your movement, internal memos etc CAN go into this simple-to-use powerful virtual office portal.
OurOfficePortal™ is Employee Self Service (ESS) Office documents/files/messages are the storage media information & communication; thus it is important that they are easily and securely accessible.

OurOfficePortal™ provides them with such conveniences on a secured platform!
OurOfficePortal™ is Office Internal Productivity Tool OurOfficePortal™ has 9 modules of which would help you and your people manage day-to-day tasks more productively.
OurOfficePortal™ is Information Management From day-day information to documentation of SOPs /knowledge and online address book, this online office portal has the ability to manage them seamlessly on the web!

What does OurOfficePortal Portal™ have?

OurOfficePortal™ has Document Management System
OurOfficePortal™ Documents
This is an online storage for documents with document sharing capability as well!

With internet connect, you can access them anywhere 24/7.
OurOfficePortal™ has Online Company Office Calendar
OurOfficePortal™ Calendar
This module equips all company staff with a powerful calendaring tool; maintain multiple calendars, share selected calendars/events and even book company resources.
OurOfficePortal™ has Online Address Book
OurOfficePortal™ Contacts
Organising & Sharing company/office contacts online makes searching, maintaining, and travelling a lot less cumbersome and time-consuming when you can access them all on the web!
OurOfficePortal™ has a mini HRM
OurOfficePortal™ Company
This mini HRM system requires minimal maintenance effort! You can even attach all employment related documents online for reference and archival.
OurOfficePortal™ has Knowledge Management Module
OurOfficePortal™ Handbooks
Sharing knowledge is made easier with this multifunctional “space” for documentation; a repository for information input that you have learnt through experience.
OurOfficePortal™ has Personalization Features
OurOfficePortal™ Desktop
Having the flexibility for users to personalize edit desktop settings enables individual to prioritize information that are relevant to them.

You can also change position of panels/information on Desktop for personalized view!
OurOfficePortal™ has Collaboration Features
OurOfficePortal™ Desktop
OurOfficePortal™ Calendar
OurOfficePortal™ Notes
OurOfficePortal™ Company
These modules offers multiple avenues for collaboration of all staff; including identifying who are available, organizing events, manage announcements and sending internal memos & notes.

How to register for an OurOfficePortal™ company account?

How many versions?

We have two versions available for you to choose from, depending on the size of your company and your requirement in disk space. You could always get OurOfficePortal™ FREE version first and upgrade to OurOfficePortal™ PRO later. The best part is there is no trail period for the FREE version!

Sign up for FREE or Read FAQ
Deploy and implement within one hour and get everyone work smarter! No server required!
OurOfficePortal™ is simply the most practical, easiest, down-to-earth web application you need to collaborate, organize, share and manage your staff and people in one intranet web portal.
You can share specific calendars; send large file over email; post & send digital memos and many more office functions, all on one web-based intranet portal.
Comments from existing users: -
"It is for a team of people that needs a centralized location to organize, share and connect with the simple tools."
"...no more endless searching, asking, disturbing people for little little information we need everyday... everything is at OurOfficePortal, organized and shared!"
"It is a friendly place... easy navigation, easy update, access it anywhere with Internet... almost too good to be true."
"The calendar sharing is AMAZING! You got to have it!"

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published on March 6, 2008, Business Times, Biz IT, Singapore